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             Holiday Culinary  Versione in Tedesco di Tropea .biz  Versione in inglese di Trope .biz    @                                                  Holiday In Calabria In the south of Italy



           Local Restaurant




Typical cuisine Calabrese preparation of traditional dishes of local


 The culinary art of the owner

With the use of own products from organic production


"that leads directly to the kitchen" in preparing preparing and presenting adequately the dishes is the point refreshment The the buttonhole of farm holidays



unusable only by residents and organized groups visit the Farm







Banchetti Nozze



Eventi in genere

Holiday in Calabria





The Terraces  of  "Colle Gagliardo"

Farm Holiday in Calabria




G and G


                                                Holidays in Calabria Nicotera near Tropea in farm holiday in contact with nature